Curriculum vitae

Born on 29. February in Zermatt, Switzerland

Started building his first mountain workshop in Findeln 
Early attempts at painting and mixed-media compositions with objects

Attended preparatory classes at the School of Fine Arts in Sion

Opening of Heinz Julen Gallery, built by Heinz Julen in the basement of a clothes shop in the heart of Zermatt; only his own works (furniture, paintings, sculptures) were exhibited

Exhibition of sculptures on various mountain peaks around Zermatt for film/photography

First workshop in Zermatt built

Exhibition at Rieder Gallery, Munich, Germany (objects and paintings)

- Expansion of the mountain workshop in Findeln
- Three-month stay in New York

- Conversion of the Rudenhaus in Zermatt 
- Expansion of the mountain workshop in Findeln 
- Exhibition in Zurich: in the context of the international Women’s Tennis Tournament, sponsoring was obtained from the Tages-Anzeiger Group for a gallery to be built there to exhibit Heinz Julen’s furniture objects, drawings, sculptures, collages

First exhibition at Andy Jllien Gallery, Zurich (religious objects and sculptures, drawings, photos)

Opening of the Vernissage cultural center in Zermatt, planned and built by Heinz Julen
- Opening exhibition: Respekt (Respect, work by Heinz Julen, with catalogue)

Director of the Vernissage cultural center
Organisation of various international concerts and exhibitions

Religious work with representations of Jesus and Mary
- One-month stay in Israel
- Exhibition at Vernissage, Zermatt: Seven Private Houses 
- Exhibition at Ludger Vlatten Gallery, Heidelberg, Germany
- Building of a workshop in the industrial zone in Zermatt from the remainders of the Zermatt art deco train station 
- Exhibition at Andy Jllien Gallery, Zurich: Frigorsessel
- Fountain sculpture Überfluss (Overflow); gift to the population of Zermatt

Building of View House in Zermatt

Development of Cube Systems (object/commodities/household utensils)
- Exhibition at Wälchli Gallery: Bergwürfel (Mountain Cube) (objects)
- Exhibition at Schönegg Gallery, Basel (objects, paintings)

- One-man-show at Kunst 96, Zurich (Andy Jllien Gallery): Bergwürfel (Mountain Cube)
- Presentation of Cube Systems at Möbel Strebel AG, Aarau and at Kornschütte Lucerne 
Building of Affenkasten, a mobile bar in Aarau, Switzerland

- First plans for INTO the hotel and accessing the hotel grounds by means of a tunnel 
- Opening of the Enzo-Vrony restaurant in Zermatt (conversion of a 200-year-old Valaisan house)

Construction work starts on INTO the hotel

Opening of the Cœur des Alpes hotel in Zermatt (concept, planning and partial completion)

2000 29/02
- Opening of INTO the hotel in Zermatt
- Exhibition at Kunst 2000, Zurich: Der letzte Raum einer Vision (The Last Room of a Vision)
- Exhibition at the Vernissage, Zermatt: Der letzte Raum einer Vision (The Last Room of a Vision)

Completion of INTO staff houses and of a loft in Zermatt

- Exhibition at Malmö Art Museum: The Last Room of a Vision
- Invitation to speak at Cimes 2002 in Courchevell on the subject of Perspectives pour un nouveau siècle de sports d’hiver (Perspectives on a New Century of Winter Sports)
Invitation by Michel Clivaz to speak at Château Mercier in Sierre, Valais
Presentation of Matterhorn Highway Stadium to the municipality of Zermatt (in cooperation with Michel Clivaz)

Invitation to speak at the Ecole d’architecture de Grenoble, France: Naissance d’un mythe (Birth of a Myth)
Project design for hotel in Bouznika  (in cooperation with Michel Clivaz)
Invitation to speak at the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne. EPFL: The Destroyed Project
Invitation to speak at UQAM (University of Quebec in Montreal) on A Marriage of Art and Tourism
Invited by Daniel Gauthier, founder of Cirque du soleil, to participate in project studies for Le Massif, a skiing resort in Quebec combining art and sports

Cooperation on designing Le Massif skiing resort by Daniel Gauthier
Project proposal for hotel The Swiss Cottage in Verbier (in cooperation with Michel Clivaz)
Design presentation at Contemporary Art Fair in Strasbourg, France

Exhibition Portrait d’architecture (Architectural Portrait) at Fondation Braiard, Geneva 
Project proposal for museum entrance, Zermatt
Cooperation with Ueli Lehmann: invited to submit project proposal for architectural contest for the Little Matterhorn, 1st place
Founding of PEAK Architekten

Amsterdam Congress Meeting Center: interior design
Opening of a shop in Zermatt

Project presentation for hotel in Tibet at 5,000 masl, 1st prize

- Architectural studio, Heinz Julen Idee, established in Zermatt

- Opening, Restaurant Rüsterei, Zürich 

- Opening, Snow Boat café-bar, Zermatt
- Heinz Julen artist portrait in the New York Times, USA

- Hotel Focus, Zermatt: design, planning, interior

- Extension, Hotel Coeur des alpes, Zermatt 

- Opening, Baracca Zermatt projects, Basel and Zürich, Switzerland

- Guest speaker at the International Symposium on Sustainable Tourism Development, Quebec, Canada

- Planning and construction, Backstage Boutique Hotel, Zermatt. 

- Extension, Vernissage cultural centre, Zermatt (opened 1991)

- Spa concept and construction, Backstage Boutique Hotel, themed on wellness and the history of creation

- Opening, Backstage Boutique Hotel, Zermatt, Switzerland

- Opening, Heinz Julen Shop, Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 2011


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