Matterhorn Glacier Paradise PEAK, Klein Matterhorn, Zermatt

Competition 2005, 1st prize

Planning in progress

The first cable car reached Klein Matterhorn in the 1970s, a pioneering achievement that rendered the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise publicly accessible.

At an altitude of 3,883 masl (12,533 ft), it is Europe's highest cable-car terminal. Breathtaking views of 38 four-thousanders (peaks 13,123 ft high or more), year-round skiing, an subterranean glacier palace and – at 2,543 hours – Switzerland's highest annual rate of sunshine attract over half a million mountain lovers from all over the world each year.

Now, appropriate tourist infrastructure is to be provided in a new peak-top structure that will render a visit to Klein Matterhorns even more unforgettable. The building is to be a beacon in more than a mere touristic sense. Its energy efficiency and use of solar energy are to be as pioneering as the completed pilot project.

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